Turkchem.net is a local resource that allows you to access up-to-date content, suppliers, service providers, and brand information for the industries such as; paint and coating, construction chemicals, adhesive, food and beverage, home care, industrial cleaning, polyurethane, plastic and rubber, agriculture and fertilizers, water conditioning and treatment, surface treatment and finishing, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, composite, Under the titles of textile and leather, paper and cardboard, laboratory and equipment, services sectors, all chemicals, raw materials, semi-finished products, final products, machinery, equipment, measurement, analysis, process, automation, certification, logistics, occupational safety. Turkchem.net aims to establish communication between the industry itself and undertakes the mission of mirroring the industry for both domestic and foreign markets. Contents of Turkchem.net’s are periodically shared with the sector via e-bulletin.